San Diego – Unified navigation

So San Diego has been out for a while and I have some thoughts about the unified navigation in the new Next Experience.

Generally I like the unified navigation but there are also a few things I do not like.


  • More space on the screen
  • Updated styling

Do not like

  • The pinning. Only one of the items “All”, “Favorites”, “History” and “Workspaces” can be pinned at a time. I would like the option to pin them all in a tabbed view like in UI16.
  • Searching. In UI16 when typing in the navigator both favorites and the entire menu is searched. Now only one list is searched at a time.
  • Searching. Even worse is that it requires 2 clicks before you can search if the tab is not pinned. First one click to open the list and then a click in the search box. It should be so that the search box automatically gets focus when opening the list so we can start typing immediately.
  • Searching. And when you have a filter applied the clear filter button only appears after you click in the filter box. The clear button should be visible next to the filter so it can be cleared without having to activate the filter box.
  • Transparency of the opened navigator when not pinned. I think it should be less transparent, the text and different background colors visible under it is distracting as it is now.

Thats it for now. I am currently working on a script to duplicate any configurable workspace. Contact me if you are interested in this.

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