Search-Now application

Some years ago I developed a windows frontend for ServiceNow’s Code search feature. This worked just fine. But technologies develop and I learn new stuff like Angular and PWA Progressive Web Aps.

So I decided to convert the windows app to a PWA. A website built with Ionic, Capacitor and Angular. This means it is truly cross platform compatible.

Configuration in ServiceNow

Newer instances do not have the search group “ServiceNow CodeSearch”. You can download that here.

Install on device.

The app can be installed on home screen. I do not have Android so cannot say exactly how it is done on these devices.

On iPhone and iPads open Safari and open the url: when loaded you can add the app to your home screen by clicking on the “Share” icon and selecting add to homepage. Done. Now you can run the app directly from you iPhone or iPad.

When navigating to the site in chrome on windows there is also an install app option in the “….” menu.

Site url:

Configure app

When the app is started first time you are directed to the tab to add instances.

Then click on NEW

and fill in the information then click on add.

You can edit, delete and copy instances by swiping to the left which reveals the buttons.

It is also possible to manually enter instances by editing the config file directly.

Click on

This opens a text field with the config file in json format. It is an array of objects.

For easy editing I suggest you user “copy to clipboard” and switch to an editor, edit the file then copy it and use “Past from clipboard” to insert the file again. Make sure the structure is correct. Formatting does not matter.

This is how the file should look like.

    "id": "e8a14f02-2290-43d6-a7a8-86d607b931fd",
    "name": "PDI",
    "url": "",
    "user": "userid",
    "password": "password",
    "cloudService": false

Swipe action on the instance list reveals buttons to delete, copy and edit an instance.

Note! Currently there is no warning when deleting.


You can now start searching. First select the instance, then group. (table not implemented yet) enter search term and click on search. Searching takes a little while but then the results are displayed. You can open each search result directly in ServiceNow by clicking on the OPEN link.

Updating app

When a new version is available a popup appear and you can update the app to the latest version.

More screenshots

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